Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here's my advice for all Celebs and Celeb wanna beeees and Celeb watchers... GET ON TWITTER and be active, but alway practice safe twittering :) and follow me at @CelebAdvisor Here's my nominations so far for the Best Twitter Awards....

These are nominations for the best Celeb Twitters in each category. I believe all these are the real people that update their own Twitters, some I have personal communicated with some I have not, but observed enough to believe they who they say they are—there are many imposter out there so beware.

The nominations are based on how much each person gives twitter updates and the content of the updates, pictures etc.. i.e. There are a couple people out there that shall remain nameless that have signed up for Twitter, logged back on 2 weeks later to say they have this project coming out then logged back off for another month…..NO NO NO tweople will catch onto that quick.
@____=Twitter ID Name

Best Celeb Twitter Couples
Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) & Demi Moore (@mrskutcher)
Lance Gross (@LanceGross) & Eva Marcille (@EvaMarcille)

Best Twitter Reverends
Reverend Run (@RevRunWisdom)
Bishop Eddie Long (@BishopEddieLong)
Jamal Bryant (@jamalbryant)

Best Twitter Comedians
Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4real)
Tony Rock (@TONYROCK)
Gary Owen (@garyowencomedy)

Best Twitter Reality Stars
La La (@lalavazquez) *not technical reality star, but judge on Charm School
Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)
Tila Tequila (@officialTila)
Cocktail (@cocktailvh1)

Best Twitter Producers
Diddy (@iamdiddy)
Jermaine Dupri

Best Twitter D Js
Angie Marinez (@angiemartinez)
Ed Lover (@MrEdLover)
D-Nice (@djdnice)

Best Twitter VJs
Terrence (@terrencej106)
Rosci (rocsidiaz)

Best Twitter Athletes

Best Twitter*Talk Show Hosts-(not sure they are the ones really twitting themselves, but Ellen puts up a strong fight that she is doing it.
Ellen (@TheEllenShow)
Oprah (@Oprah)
Tyra (@tyrashow)

Best Twitter Hip Hop/R&B Male
Bow Wow (@lamborghinibow)
Tyrese (@Tyrese4Real)
Ludacris (@Ludajuice)
Ray J (@itsRayJ)
Marques Houston (@marqueshouston)

Best Twitter Hip Hop/R&B Female
Brandy (4everBrandy)
Chrisette Michelle (@epiphanygirl)
Jordin Sparks (@TheRealJordin)
Ciara (@PrincessSuperC)
Solange (@solangeknowles)

Best Twitter Bloggers
Necole Bitchie @NecoleBitchie)
Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton)
Blackarazzi (@blackarazzi)

Best Twitter Actresses
Taraji Henson (@tarajihenson)
Tia Mowry (@tiamowry)
Lauren London (@MsLaurenLondon)

Best Inspirational Twitters
MC Hammer (@MCHammer)
Tameka Raymond (@TamekaRaymond)

Best Fashionista Twitter
Bevy Smith (@BevySmith)

Best Mogul Twitter
Russell Simmons (@UncleRush)

Best Actor Twitters
Need Some Nominations everyone that could have been are in different categories.

Post a comment here or email if you have a nomination suggestion and to vote on your favorite from each category. Pick your favorites start following them and send them a tweet that you want them to win and if they RT (retweet) me @CelebAdvisor more points for them.
Winners will be announced soon.
©CelebAdvisor 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rev Run's son Jojo Arrested for weed

Everyone may or may not already know JoJo was arrested for weed over the weekend. I thought it was funny that Uncle Russell was Twittering about it soon after ".Jojo in jail. Iwas much younger when I spent night in jail for weed. Gg has story from TwitterBerry "

With Nude pictures leaked all over the place this weekend Jojo may not be very big news.

There's really no big advice I can give Jojo that he's not getting already from Rev Run and Unlce Russ or on Twitter.

My advice to Jojo--- now I seriously wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, but now it's time for you to "rehab" yourself and launch an all out campaign discouraging teens against drug use. It worked for TI & Bristol Palin. Bristol is now on an all out abstinence world tour with baby in tow. Learn how to multi-task like Uncle Rush and be ready to drop a new CD or launch a clothing line strategically with your anti drug campaign...

Educate yourself and others...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna's domestic squabble is kind of old news now, but since they are the ones that inspired this blog, I figured it was only fitting I write to them first.

To everyone that has ever been in a long term relationship that is passing judgement on this young couple MYOB! (mind your own business) and also shame on you for acting like you never been heated dispute with your significant other that both of you probably contributed to the escalation and both have done or said things you aren't proud of and wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper.

Unfortunately and well let's be real fortunately this is nature of the business CB & Ri Ri are in. They both know that and they both have plenty of people that tell them that, but are we all forgetting they are young adults aren't they both under 21??? Come on give them a break you get in to fight that may become physical, not saying it's right but now you have CB labeled as a bonafide woman beater and RiRi is now the poster child for battered women. I can't understand how she can be the poster child when she has not yet come out and said "I have been a battered woman"

Chris & Rihanna my open advice to you is this...If you want to be together then do that. Don't hide from the public or your music management and mentors. If you are not going to be together let that be your choice not the industry's. If the fans and media can get over Bobby and Whitney they can get over any celeb couple. They probably beat eachother down on a regular and no one seemed to notice after awhile. It's time to take a stand together and say look we are human, we love each other, we are friends or whatever and we are moving on we hope our fans will just stand by us and that's really all that matters at the end of the day. Chris the endorsements will be back just ask Kobe. Tomorrow is not promised enjoy your peace, happiness and life today.